Talent Recruitment

Mechanical and electrical installation project manager

1. Possess the professional technology of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, intermediate title or above, registered mechanical and electrical engineering construction engineer, more than five years of project management experience; 2. Sign a formal contract with the company for more than 5 years of housing subsidies of 1 million.

Five members of the construction company

Number of recruits: 5 
Education: College
Work experience: unlimited

Salary: 5001 - 6000 yuan

New year 6 to 80,000

job description:

There is one of the five member certificates. According to the company's management requirements, according to the specific arrangement of the engineering department, he will organize and carry out his own work in various projects of the company. He has strong on-site construction organization skills, communication, coordination and management skills, strong sense of responsibility, and strong sense of responsibility. Those with a strong sense of teamwork will be given priority.

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