Talent Recruitment

Mechanical and electrical installation project manager

1. Possess the professional technology of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, intermediate title or above, registered mechanical and electrical engineering construction engineer, more than five years of project management experience; 2. Sign a formal contract with the company for more than 5 years of housing subsidies of 1 million.

Customs clearance agency transportation project for imported goods outside the zone

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Imported screen glass for mobile phone

Import of alkali glass: save 13% tax for customers.

The tentative import tariff rate is a more favorable tax rate implemented by the state for some important industrial and agricultural production raw materials and mechanical and electrical products imported. The alkali-containing glass used in mobile phones is one of the products that enjoy the tentative import tariff. Their processing method and ingredient content and other related factors may cause you to bear more than a dozen points of taxes and fees higher than your counterparts. Our professional customs team grasps the key points when customers are not sure about the product code. With the accumulation of professional knowledge, we can provide customers with professional and compliance advice. An optical company in Shenzhen has been troubled by high taxes and fees before finding our company. Since our company took over, we have re-organized all the information of the customer and found that it is in line with the preferential tax rate!

Garment import and export

China is a major exporter of textile industry, and the export trade of clothing is developing rapidly.

Especially in recent years, out of development needs, enterprises have abandoned the previous way of importing and exporting through trading companies, and mainly import and export independently. However, due to their lack of practical experience in import and export customs declaration, the conditions for import and export of clothing are not clear, resulting in various problems in the operation process. In fact, only some imports need to do commodity inspection and entry customs clearance. After receiving customer information, our company will classify and declare according to the actual situation. A clothing company in Dongguan, after finding our company, solved a series of problems and cooperated for many years. They said that they really found the right customs declaration company!

wine import

A wine import and export company in Shenzhen, since it was newly established in 2015, has almost zero knowledge about wine import and export, but it has strong funds and complete goods, but it suffers from the lack of a suitable customs broker. After much searching, we found us. We summed up the following three experiences for our customers, and successfully helped them to complete the first batch of red wine imports.

1. Screen high-quality foreign suppliers to ensure the efficient passing of commodity inspection records

2. Do a good job in the filing of warehouses and labels required by domestic declaration units for pre-commodity inspection

3. Join the customs clearance facilitation measures and enjoy the customs fast release channel

The two parties have been cooperating since the first batch of goods passed through customs smoothly.

Rubber particle declaration

A trading company in Shenzhen entrusted our company to declare a brand of AC2300 type PC/ABS rubber pellets to Shenzhen Huanggang Customs. Our customs declarer found that the proportion of 28% PC and 68% ABS in the ingredients was the same as that of the declaration elements provided by the company. The code 390740000 is contradictory. After verifying with the operator of the company that the composition of this type of rubber pellet is correct, the operator provided the wrong code, and the correct code should be 3903309000. After understanding, it was found that when the company imported this type of rubber pellets in Guangzhou, the code was always 390740000, and it was imported in the way of ECFA tariff-free. There was a 6.5% tariff difference between the two cases. Therefore, our company issued a risk warning to the company, and then The enterprise realized the seriousness of this problem and made corrections in time to avoid customs clearance risks.

The company is quite satisfied with our professionalism. After half a year of cooperation, we recommend our company to peer companies.

Rubber particle declaration

Shipping of packaging materials

Shipping of packaging materials

The packaging materials of a factory in Dongguan are produced and shipped according to the customer's order. Generally, they are produced on an assembly line and do not have a backlog of goods. Therefore, there are extremely high requirements for the timeliness of customs declaration and customs clearance. When a client finds us, the key requirement is: I hope we can provide them with faster and more accurate customs declaration procedures. After our professional customs declaration team took over the task, it has always won great praise from customers with the fastest and best service. The close cooperation in the past three years has solved most of the troubles for customers, and the production volume of the factory has also been greatly increased.

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