Talent Recruitment

Mechanical and electrical installation project manager

1. Possess the professional technology of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, intermediate title or above, registered mechanical and electrical engineering construction engineer, more than five years of project management experience; 2. Sign a formal contract with the company for more than 5 years of housing subsidies of 1 million.

Professional technical service procurement project of China Animation Museum

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Procurement requirements

1. Project Overview

1. Introduction to the venue. The China Animation Museum (hereinafter referred to as the "Animation Museum") is the first national animation-themed museum approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the China Animation Society. It aims to build a modern animation museum with the largest scale, the most abundant exhibits, and the most authoritative content in China.

2. Geographical location. The Motion Museum is located at No. 375, Baimahu Road, Changhe Street, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, on the island on the east side of the White Horse Lake Ecological Creative City Animation Plaza. The planned land area is 2.77 hectares, and the main building area is about 30,167 square meters.

2. Service content

1. Explain the service

(1) Responsible for the explanation and service work in the exhibition area of ​​the whole museum.

(2) Participate in the writing, revising, and arranging of lectures.

(3) Assist the competent department to carry out social science education activities.

(4) Other work related to interpretation services.

2. Venue service

(1) Responsible for telephone answering, service consultation, lost and found, tracing broadcast and other convenience services for various information desks in the exhibition area of ​​the whole exhibition area

(3) Responsible for the recording, sorting and feedback of the audience's visit and reception information.

(2) Responsible for the search, borrowing and sorting of books in the animation library.

(3) Responsible for the experience guidance, operation and order maintenance of various multimedia and interactive exhibition facilities and equipment in the exhibition area.

(4) Responsible for theater inspections, entrance and exit control, audience guidance and order maintenance.

(5) Responsible for the daily simple operation and use of theater facilities and equipment, as well as sanitation and cleaning, and assist in the work of theater performances, theater projections, and conference affairs support.

(6) Responsible for connecting with the theater and exhibition area facilities and equipment maintenance suppliers, promptly handling various software and hardware failures, and urging the implementation of various maintenance plans.

(7) Assist the safety management department to properly and reasonably handle various emergencies.

(8) Other work related to venue services.

3. Security guard duty service

(1) According to the relevant requirements of museum security officer management, provide daytime security officer supervision and inspection and venue nighttime security officer on-duty services, perform the duties of security officers, and earnestly keep on-duty records.

(2) Other work related to the on-duty service of security officers.

3. General requirements for service personnel

The China Animation Museum is the first national animation-themed museum in China. It collects, displays and displays many scientific, interactive and ornamental animation technology exhibits. It has a derivatives exhibition area, a theater, a library, and a coffee shop As well as supporting functional areas such as restaurants, professional, safe and standardized operation requirements are strict, and the audience service strives to be professional, efficient, meticulous and thoughtful.

(1) The purchaser shall conduct centralized management of the outsourcing service management organization established by the transaction supplier.

(2) The transaction supplier shall establish various rules and regulations for the management, recruitment, training, and assessment of professional and technical service personnel according to the actual situation of the Museum, and shall report to the purchaser before implementation, and implement it after the purchaser agrees.

(3) The purchaser has the right to directly participate in and approve some important post setting, personnel recruitment and management decision-making. If the purchaser deems necessary, he can check the financial status and financial statements of the transaction supplier.

(4) When dealing with special, emergency and sudden accidents, the purchaser has direct command over the personnel providing professional technical services.

(5) The professional technical service personnel provided by the transaction supplier must be stationed in the venue.

(6) The transaction supplier must ensure the uninterrupted, continuous and professional service, and reasonably allocate and arrange the type and quantity of personnel to meet the needs of the purchaser.

(7) The transaction supplier shall conduct strict political review of the recruited personnel to ensure that the recruited personnel have no criminal record.

(8) The employees of the transaction suppliers should dress uniformly according to the post requirements, standardize their words and deeds, pay attention to their appearance and appearance, and pay attention to their public image. Some personnel employed in image positions must have relevant regulations such as body shape and height.


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