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   Guangxi land sea Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established in Nanning, Guangxi in 2012, with a registered capital of 128 million yuan. The company is engaged in investment and financing, construction, design, construction and supervision of railways, highways and municipal administration. The specific business scope includes: investment in railway, highway, urban rail transit, construction, municipal engineering, port, wharf, water conservancy, hydropower, petrochemical and agricultural comprehensive projects; port and Waterway Engineering, highway engineering, water conservancy engineering, construction engineering and railway Investigation, design, consultation and supervision of engineering and municipal engineering; engineering technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation and technical service; research and development of integrated technology of automatic control system; construction engineering supervision and detection; building materials, decoration materials, mechanical equipment and accessories, railway special materials, hardware and electrical equipment, instruments and meters, chemical products, electronic products and accessories, fuel Sales of oil (closed cup flash point > 60 ℃), slurry and asphalt; design, production, agency and release of domestic advertisements; import and export trade; wholesale without storage; diesel (closed cup flash point ≤ 60 ℃) (1674), gasoline (1630), No.3 jet fuel oil (closed cup flash point ≤ 60 ℃) (2828); information system integration services; professional contracting of urban and road lighting engineering; design and construction of intelligent building engineering Research and development, production and sales of photovoltaic equipment and components, light-emitting diode, lithium-ion battery, wind and solar complementary street lamp, hardware street lamp, solar street lamp, municipal street lamp, solar integrated lamp, etc.

   One belt, one road construction is firmly adhered to by the company. We must adhere to the development policy of "diversified development, steady progress and win-win results", dig our competitive advantages, increase investment in projects, and expand and strengthen core industries. It is our pursuit to become an excellent domestic investment and construction enterprise. The company will strive to be the best with this goal!

   At present, with the overall planning of the new land sea channel in Western China and the strategic goal of building Guangxi Beibu Gulf into an international gateway port, the local investment and construction will usher in a new upsurge! As an investment and construction enterprise with good timing, favorable location and people, and with capital strength and successful experience, it is time to seize the opportunity, change resource advantage into development advantage, and seize the opportunity!

   In the process of development, the company shoulders the responsibility and mission of strengthening the domestic and foreign railway engineering industry market. The overall development goal of the company is to build a learning and efficient engineering investment and construction contractor with outstanding main business, diversified operation, joint development and strong international competitiveness. The overall strategic policy is: "establish people-oriented, grasp high-end, improve capabilities, strengthen regions, engage in joint efforts, and promote development.". The operation mode of the project mainly includes design, construction, procurement general contracting (EPC + F: resource project loan package cooperation), franchise (BOT, PPP) )The construction contract business, EPC general contract and investment business are complementary and coordinated, and sustainable development pattern is formed. The project construction plays the role of planner, organizer, Financier, designer and manager. Under the guidance of national development strategy, we will work together with the development of transportation network of major cities in China to show the charm of modern enterprises in the new century to the society and the market!

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